Thursday, March 15, 2007

View from my morning

My private devotional time was rudely disturbed this morning. There I was at my desk at 7:00am with bible, devotional (A guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants), and a cup of hot Milo drink ready to commune with God.

Sometimes is takes no discipline at all for me to get to this place and space. Other times it takes all I have to get to this place and space. Occasionally it takes MORE than I have to get here. This morning it was easy. I was sooooo ready.

Then the big trucks rolled up and parked on the street above our house, four of them. All were packed with men and women waving Cambodian flags, waving and cheering to their imaginary audience. People like me. Each truck was fitted with four speakers each a meter in diameter attached to an amplifier capable of blasting them into audio mahem.

They were supporting their political party. This is the opening salvo of what will be a VERY NOISY season running up to elections. They didn't care how rude or disturbing they were.

After a few moments to collect my thoughts and control my attitude, I reflected on situations we saw in the past here when party members routinely shot and blew each other up as a matter of "normal politics."

In America we tend to express our political "volume" on the TV. We are taught not to discuss religion or politics at parties and family gatherings. In reality I think I prefer it the current Cambodian way, even if it disturbs my devotions. At least we can tell people where we stand, without fear of "offending."

Dave in Paradise


EE Cambodia said...

Great to read things on the Blogspot. May God bless you!

Princess said...

We are praying for you. God Bless!

I am Sriy Moch Phearum's cousin. Hope you will remember me.