Tuesday, March 13, 2007

View from the Jungle

"Always be prepared!" The Boy Scout motto to remembered. So often I try to do just that. Thinking about all the "What ifs" can be quite an ordeal in itself. I travel with many people who are not into worrying about ANY what ifs'. I can't do that. I know too much about what sometimes and what often happens. Proper preparation before hand is always superior to needed problem solving later.

Take our most recent trip to Koh Kong Province for example. Leng and I knew it would be muddy and wet. We would likely run into water crossings too deep ride through with our bikes. Sooooooo, we carried a folded up BIG truck inner tube and pump to use for floating our bikes across streams with no bridges or boats. Very smart.

The water crossings were "Interesting" for sure, but no need to blow up the tube. One place even had a canoe to cross with. But when a bridge collapsed under Leng, we had to cut a 50 yard long tunnel through dense jungle bush and vines big enough to accomodate our bikes. All that preparation and our biggest jungle weapon was my folding pocket knife, woefully small and inadequate to battle jungle and leaches. So much for being prepared :-)

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